Nehemiah Cleaning Solutions LLC

An innovative new cleaning system for conveyor belts.

  • Cleans the Inner as Well as the Outer Parts of the Belt Through High Pressure Spraying
  • Removes Contaminants from Grooves and Cracks in The Belt Surface
  • Will Not Interfere with Normal Belt Operation
  • Saves Time and Water
  • Allow For Continuous 24/7 Operation of Belt to Preserve Revenues


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor R'chard Jackson of Louisville, KY has created an innovative new cleaning system for conveyor belts.

While working at a pork manufacturing facility, Rchard was responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the area for the next shift. However, he would often see many belts not being cleaned properly due to human error. Plus, with about 2.1 million gallons of water being used per night, there was an incredible amount of water waste. In turn, he was inspired to develop a system that would clean the belts more effectively while saving money on water and chemicals.

Nehemiah Cleaning Solutions LLC is a system equipped with multiple spray bars to clean the inner as well as the outer parts of the belt through high pressure spraying. Water is sprayed through the belt removing all contaminants from grooves and cracks in the belt surface. A retractable arm, also connected to a source of high-pressure water, cleans the inside of the belt surface including any sprockets to ensure proper belt operation. The system may also spray a foam on the belt, using the same nozzles along with scrub pads to aid in cleaning. The invention sprays and scrubs the entire belt in less time than ever before, thereby saving time and water!

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