Latching Hitch for Pickup Truck Bed

The invention is a method and system by which allterrain vehicles are easily locked into the bed of a pickup truck.

  • Secures ATV InTruck Bed
  • Installs On AnyPickup Truck
  • Installs On AnyATV
  • Locks WithPadlock For Security
  • Eliminates UseOf Conventional Straps


Patent #8,267,627

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Casey Ward of Lena, MS has developed a simple new system for securing ATVs to the bed of a pickup truck for easy transport.

All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs have enjoyed recent widespread popularity. Many ATV riders transport their ATVs in the bed of a pickup truck. However, many users rely on tie down ropes, ratcheting straps, and other fastening means to hold the ATV in place during transport. While these methods work, they are prone to becoming loose, breaking, and their use takes a great deal of time to both apply and remove. The Latching Hitch for Pickup Truck Bed allows ATV riders to fasten their ATVs to the bed of a pickup truck in a way which is extremely secure and very quick and simple.

This clever new invention can be easily installed in any pickup truck bed. A secure locking mechanism is installed on the truck, and a matching bar can be installed on the front of any ATV. This eliminates the need for conventional straps and allows the user to simply move the front of the ATV into contact with the locking mechanism to secure it for transport. Padlocks are available for added security. The use of the Latching Hitch for Pickup Truck Bed can eliminate a lot of trouble when transporting ATVs, leaving more time for riding and enjoyment.

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