Infrared Body Counter

Stress-free counting.

  • Software Determines Body Count through Heart Rate Based Upon the Animal’s Thermal Image
  • Won’t Stress or Disturb Livestock
  • Must-Have for Determining Ratio of Egg Production
  • For Use with Chickens, Cows, Horses, and More
  • Can Even Count Humans in Large Crowds


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Several years ago, Inventor Fallou Gueye of Chattanooga, TN started his own chicken farm in Africa. For inventory purposes, he had to periodically count his chickens to know the ratio with egg production. He soon realized the only way to count the chickens was to grab them one-by-one. However, the week following a count, egg production would drop as much as 25% before returning to normal. He knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, Gueye created the Infrared Body Counter!

The invention consists of an infrared camera housed in a handheld plastic enclosure. The output of the camera is fed to a battery powered microprocessor running specialized software. The software will determine body count through each individual heart rate based upon the animals thermal image. All of this is able to be done without disturbing them!

Besides counting chickens, this technology can be used to count cows, horses, and other animals that can be detected by heartbeat and body heat. It can even be attached to a drone to count humans, for example, those in a large crowd.

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