Infinity Device Hand Band

A portable electronic device holder with 360 of rotation!

  • Reduces Chance of Dropping Your Device by 85%
  • Offers Free-Hand Full Range of Motion
  • Supports Any Device Up to 10 Lbs.
  • Medical Grade Utility and Military Grade Application
  • Infinite Cross-Branding Possibilities


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor DaBrizzBiz of Dunbar, WV has created a portable electronic device holder with 360 of rotation!

Our smart phones and electronic devices are always on us, often accompanied by a carrying case and belt clip. These accessories, however, can be bulky and are not user-friendly. Instead of helping, they can make it difficult to access your phone quickly. Inventor DaBrizzBiz just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Infinity Device Hand Band!

The invention allows for full range of motion with your device conveniently located right on the back of your hand! Once on your hand, the strap assembly takes the form of a figure 8, becoming an infinity symbol. Clipped onto the strap is a mount for your smart phone that permits full rotation of your device. Not just convenient, it reduces the chance of dropping your phone by 85%! The invention supports up to 10 lbs. It has medical grade utility and military grade application. Now what college student couldn't use a free hand!

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  1. Tech Industry Leader & field Technician

    What a fantastic idea 💡 👏 with sheer utility & usefulness unimagined ever before as such things are overlooked by large corporations that dominate the tech accessories industry… As a NtWk Engineer, I find such an accessory invaluable… I need both hands to manage rack mounted equipment ie. when installing VoIp NtWk management equipment, bk-up batteries 🔋 and such; while required to speak with Bridgline technical support on my phone / tablet devices.

    DAV disabled veterans, particularly those missing digets or wheel chair bound also would find this tech accessory invaluable;❤ie. For holding not just phones but any device: TV_remote cameras (GoPro cameras) any device… Thank you sooooo much for this invention Bradley of DaBrizBiz!

  2. Tech Industry Leader & field Technician

    In addition to the sheer utility of this invention. 😍 I would suggest it’s use across many industries ie. FEDEX drivers, Amazon truck drivers, UPS drivers whom need to have hands free driving and a free ✋ hand with full range of motion to carry & deliver packages… Furthermore, Hospital already equipped with laptop devices as the perform patient intake data collection would find this an invaluable solution/tool as the silicon variation is totally submersible in necessary sanitizing solution… great Idea 💡 for sure!!!

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