In-Wall Pet Dish

The In-Wall Pet Dish is an elevated in-wall mount design to keep pet food bowls off the floor.

  • Saves Valuable Space on Floor
  • Do-it-Yourself Installation
  • Bowls Lock into Place
  • Simple and Uncluttered Look with Low Maintenance Appeal
  • Small and Large Versions Available


Utility Patent #8,893,657

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Roy J. Kazmierzak of Indianapolis, IN has created an elevated in-wall mount design to keep pet food bowls off the floor!

Keeping pets is a time-consuming task, requiring pet owners to constantly feed, groom, and clean up after them. Most pets receive their food and water from bowls that sit on the floor. However, these bowls are constantly being tripped over and spilled by adults or children walking past. Also, pet bowls must frequently be moved when vacuuming or sweeping. They also occupy a relatively large amount of floor space which may be in short supply, especially in smaller homes or apartments. In addition, since the bowls are on the floor, a pet must bend their head all the way down to eat or drink which may be uncomfortable or even unhealthy, especially for large pets. In turn, Inventor Kazmierzak was inspired to create the In-Wall Pet Dish!

This clever new invention is an elevated and semi-flush wall-mounted pet food bowl system. It provides a simple and uncluttered look with low maintenance appeal. It saves valuable space on the floor. Installation is so easy. Bowls simply lock into place. For more information, or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for the In-Wall Pet Dish act now!


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