Go The Distance

For a recharge when you need it most!

  • For Use on Electric Vehicles
  • Charges Existing Vehicle Batteries
  • Works Through Charge Controller
  • Provides Power to Vehicle Without Being Hooked Up to Energy Source
  • Extends Operating Time of Electric Vehicle


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Vernon Mark Greager of Colorado Springs, CO has created an electrical vehicle charger for increased performance, range, and peace of mind.

The idea was born after reading news articles about people waiting in line for over two and a half hours to charge their electric vehicles to go another 50 miles. Engineers in electric test vehicles were worried about not making it to the next charging station. This inspired him to invent a quick and easy solution to this problem. Just like carrying an extra gas can in your trunk if you ran out of fuel, the invention meets the needs of electric vehicle owners searching for increased travel distance and flexibility.

Go The Distance is a portable dual charging system that relies on a photovoltaic array mounted to the exterior of the electric vehicle. The electrical output of the solar array connects to a portable battery system, in turn, charging the vehicles existing charging system. No longer will you have anxiety over being stranded with an empty electric charge! The dual system has solar and A/C 110/220 charge capabilities, eliminating the need to wait in line for hours to use a public charging station.

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  1. Prakash M Achrekar

    Excellent idea. The output I am hoping is 120V A/C as it connects to the same charge port. I may be interested at reasonable price.

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