Frozen to the Core

Keeps drinks cool without ice!

  • Innovative Freezer Core Insert
  • Drinks Stay Ice Cold at Home and On-The-Go
  • Use As a Shaker or Drink Tumbler
  • No Diluted Beverages or Wasted Water
  • Commercial and Private Use


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brian Ainesworth developed a freezer core tumbler for keeping a drink cold without the hassle of ice.

Being new to mixed drinks, Brian would put his shaker in the freezer in between uses to make sure the drinks were cold. However, he knew it was not the most efficient way of doing things. He wondered why he couldnt freeze the core of the shaker so he wouldnt have to keep the entire shaker in freezer. Brian also noticed bartenders dumping pounds of ice down the drain while mixing drinks. It just seemed like a huge waste of water. In turn, he was inspired to create a better way of keeping mixed drinks cold while also saving water!

The invention is kept frozen and replaces ice. A liquid-like element located inside the freezer core tumbler maintains a constant chilled temperature. With the invention on hand, no longer will you have ice melting and diluting your mixed drink or soda. No more wasting water or dumping out ice in between uses. Mix it and drink it all from one container. The product keeps your drink ice cold at home and on-the-go. Use it on long trips or by the pool all summer!

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