An easy-to-use lotion applicator for accessing hard-to-reach areas.

  • - Gently Massages Skin While Pumping Out Lotion or Soap
  • - Prevents Dry, Cracked Skin
  • - No Spills
  • - Easy to Clean
  • - Especially Great for Diabetics, Those with Arthritis, and Older Adults


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Narda McCarthy of Weston, FL has created an easy-to-use lotion applicator for accessing hard-to-reach areas like the back and lower legs.

Many years ago, while walking her energetic Jack Russell terrier, he tugged the leash to run after a furry creature and pulled her right shoulder. This resulted in pain and the inability to move her arm in certain directions or to sleep on her side. As years went by, it became more difficult to reach the middle of her back and since she could not apply lotion there, it became increasingly itchy and dry. One day she found an oak stick and attached to its tip two cotton pads with a rubber band. Although this worked to some degree, the cotton pads had to be changed with each use and the rubber bands kept breaking. Narda just knew there had to be something she could use that would look better and that would not need frequent changes, nor complicated assembly so achy hands would not suffer. In turn, she was inspired to develop EZEarm!

The invention gently massages the skin while pumping out lotion or soap. This will prevent dry, cracked skin and will be especially useful for those with an old injury, diabetics, those with arthritis, and older adults. Everyone will love the device for its sleek ergonomic design. Also, there will be no spilling on the floor. When you add lotion to a sponge or a brush and turn it over to apply it, there are always drops on the floor. With EZEarm, no longer will you have to bend down to clean, nor will you risk slipping, adding pain to injury. After use, the applicator is easy to clean and store until needed again.

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Additional Information

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