Exterior Door Installation Fast Brackets

Install doors in half the time!

  • Quick and Easy
  • Eliminates Frustration
  • Strong and Durable
  • Can Be Removed and Used Multiple Times
  • Great for Contractors and Do-it-Yourselfers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David EK Jantzi of Canada has developed a device to assist with exterior door installation.

To begin, the opening is prepped and ready. The old door is then removed and prepped. The first step is important you must make sure the bottom opening is perfectly level. If necessary, shim one side prior to setting the door in the opening. Set the door in the opening, with help, if possible. You will then fasten three brackets to the hinge side, just above the hinges, so you have room for shimming directly behind each hinge. First, fasten the bottom bracket, so the door is spaced equally to the rough opening. You will then fasten the top bracket when the door is level. The door is now fastened, and top and bottom brackets are level. You will then fasten the middle bracket. All three brackets are now fastened and level. All of this is done with the door closed! Next, fasten three brackets on the other side of the door frame, approximately 1-6 inches from the top of the door frame and the same for the bottom. The middle fastens close to the doorknob catch. You can now open the door and shim where needed.

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Additional Information

Installation Tip from Inventor: If both sides of door opening are not level, you can also slide wood shims between your brackets and the wall surface to get your door closing even and perfect.


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