Energy Production Management System

Generation fleet management to challenge the competition in energy production markets!

  • Real-Time Remote Data Collection Infrastructure
  • Builds Up Unit Models to Accurately Simulate Unit Performance
  • Implements an Integrated Platform of Modules
  • to Predict Unit Condition and Improve Efficiency
  • Constructs Insights to Effectively Derive the Generation Business


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dr. Hegazy and Al-Tuaimi, along with the Saudi Electricity Company employees have created a management system for power plant energy production.

Deregulation of energy markets, production business, fuel and consumption forecast, the increasing demand for improving plant efficiency, and the reduction of operating and maintenance costs are all issues for todays power generation industry. It all puts challenge and stress on thermal plants. Thus, a more centralized approach for power generation management and focus on plant generation reliability and availability is needed at the plant level as well as the central level. In turn, Inventors Hegazy, Al-Tuaimi, and the Saudi Electricity Company employees have created the Energy Production Management System (EPMS)!

This clever new system allows users to transform the management of fleet plants from local to central to ensure overall optimization. Users will be able to build up a robust and reliable data collection infrastructure so real-time data can be collected from remote sites in a very secure domain. Unit models can be built up to accurately simulate unit performance, condition, and efficiency. Users will be able to implement advanced modules as applications to minimize fuel consumption, apply asset management best practice, maximize unit availability, ultimate plant performance, and potential efficiencies. They can establish an integrated platform to seamlessly incorporate the data, models, and modules. It will also be possible to construct the insights and indicators to effectively derive the generation business.

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