CPAP Mask Strap Cushions

A must-have CPAP/BiPAP accessory for face mask wearers.

  • - Features Soft Round Fleece Cushions
  • - Simple to Use
  • - Secured via VELCRO® Strips
  • - Easy to Reposition as Needed
  • - Gentle on the Face


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gordon Glenn Burry has created a new must-have CPAP/BiPAP accessory for face mask wearers.

As a home support worker, Gordon would often come across nurses while in a clients home. Many of them would notice lines on his face from his CPAP mask and comment, You must wear a mask at night. It had been hours since he used it, yet the lines would still be on his face. This was bothersome to him. He just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the CPAP Mask Strap Cushions! Now, there are no more ridges or lines on his face in the morning. This can be you, too!

Soft round fleece cushions are simply installed over the lower mask straps and secured via VELCRO strips. The mask is then placed upon the face as normal. If needed, the cushions can be repositioned by gently pushing up or down, as required, after placing the mask on.

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