CoverMe Jumpsuits

Now you can rock a jumpsuit without dreading your next trip to the restroom!

  • Two-in-One Jumpsuit
  • Separating Waistband
  • Top of Jumpsuit Remains in Place
  • Lets You Avoid Complete Nakedness and Hard-to-Reach Zippers
  • Flatters Any Figure


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Jessica Maxwell of Montgomery, AL and Bianca Stallworth of Moody, AL have created a two-in-one jumpsuit with separating waistband so you can achieve the same trendy jumpsuit look without having to get naked while using the restroom.

The idea was born one day as the inventors were texting each other about the cute jumpsuits they were wearing at work. The conversation soon led to the minor humor and slight embarrassment of having to get completely naked while using the restroom out in public. It was also discussed how public restroom stalls are made with cracks on the sides for easy peeking. In addition, sometimes the ceiling tiles are removed and there is the fear of someone looking down while you are completely naked using the restroom. Jessica and Bianca just knew there had to be another way. In turn, they were inspired to invent a jumpsuit so you no longer have to get completely naked while using the restroom in public.

Simply unzip from the back of the waist, unbutton the sides, or pull down from the back of the pants, separating the elastic silicone band from the top. The top of the jumpsuit will remain in place. After going to the bathroom, the pants can be pulled up and rezipped at the waist, rebuttoned at the sides, or realigned at the silicone band region. You can now rock a jumpsuit without dreading your next trip to the restroom. Countless colors and styles are possible.

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