Cool Daddy Ray's Colder Holder

Cool Daddy Ray's Colder Holder keeps beverages cold for up to 5 hours or more!

  • Keeps Drinks at Thirty-Four Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Beverages Stay Cold to the Last Drop
  • Especially Great for Beer
  • New Drinks Can Be Added as Needed


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Raymond R. Miles of Savannah, GA has created a clever way to keep beverages cold for up to five hours!

Everyone likes their drinks cold to the last drop. The first sip is always great but it progressively gets warmer if you dont guzzle! Inventor Miles knew there had to be a better way. He started with a five-gallon bucket filled with ice, water, and cans of beer. However, keeping it tucked under the kitchen table proved inconvenient, so he reduced it down to a one-gallon plastic bucket. That still wasnt right. His idea really started to take shape while watching the History Channel toward the end of summer. The episode stated that during WWII, Pykrete was used to make an unsinkable aircraft carrier. It took two years to melt! Inventor Miles was fascinated by the idea, so he modified the formula and tried to put it into some type of container to complete a circle in the middle. He chose to use a Big Gulp container from the gas station and after several tries, his first prototype was complete. Now Cool Daddy Ray's Colder Holder has been developed further and is ready for market!

This clever new invention keeps drinks at thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit. Beverages stay cold to the last drop! Instead of getting warmer as they sit, drinks will progressively get colder. While ideal for any cold beverage, the coaster is especially great for beer. New drinks can be added as needed. It is easy to manufacture. To learn more about Cool Daddy Ray's Colder Holder act now!


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