Container Holder Clip

The hands-free way to carry a beverage while going about your day!

  • Two Clip Design
  • Securely Attaches to a Cane, Walker, or Crutch
  • Provides Easy Access to Your Beverage
  • Won’t Limit Movement
  • Simple to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald E. Leboa, Jr. of Oakland, CA has designed an innovative clip for attaching a beverage to a cane, walker, or crutch.

When carrying around a drink, a backpack, pocket, or your hand can be used, but none are especially convenient. Donald found that a backpack worked the best out of the three. Using his pocket limited his movement. Carrying the beverage by hand was bothersome. Plus, the drink did not stay cool for very long! He just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, Donald was inspired to create the Container Holder Clip!

The invention features two clips attached to the back of the container frame. The two clips hold the device securely to a cane, walker, or crutch. A beverage can then be inserted within the holder. The holder frees up your hands. It also offers easy access to your beverage and will not limit movement.

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