Cling Away

Ensures a shower curtain stays in place while showering.

  • Shower Curtain Retention Device with Wall Mount and Retractable Cord
  • Holds Back the Shower Curtain
  • Prevents the Curtain from Clinging to You While You Shower
  • Designed to Fit in Any Size Shower
  • No More Wrestling with the Curtain


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Pope of Rossville, GA has created a retention device to keep your shower curtain securely in place during your shower.

The idea was born from personal experience. Like many, Mark would feel aggravated when a shower curtain would cling to him as he was showering. One day, he looked at a retractable dog leash and it gave him the idea to try it in the shower as a way to hold back the curtain. It worked! He knew he was onto something. Since that day, Cling Away has been further developed and now it is ready for market!

The invention is a shower curtain retention device that features a wall mount and retractable cord. By holding back the shower curtain, the retention device also prevents the curtain from clinging to you while you shower. Designed to fit in any size shower, the invention is a convenient addition to any bathroom!

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