Caught U in Action

An automotive security device for total protection and peace of mind while away from your vehicle.

  • Provides 360 Degree Coverage
  • System Records All Audio/Video of Potential Criminal Activity
  • Data is Relayed to a Command Center and Stored for Future Use and Viewing
  • Powered by Solar Cells and Car Battery Back-Up
  • May Also be Remotely Activated by a Key Fob


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Harold Mazique Winston and Patricia Eugenie Terrell-Winston of Chicago, IL have developed an automotive security device for total protection and peace of mind while away from your vehicle.

Car locks can easily be picked. Car alarms require the driver to activate them when leaving their vehicle, which is easily forgotten. Sometimes alarm horns are simply ignored. The latest means to protect vehicles is the use of GPS to locate them when they are stolen. However, they only work after the vehicle is missing. In turn, Inventors Winston have created Caught U in Action!

This clever new invention allows a user to monitor the environment around their vehicle, so they can feel safe wherever theyre parked. Users will simply install the units to the front, sides, and rear of their car, truck, or SUV. Each unit has a variety of sensors that activate whenever motion or sound is detected and will provide a 360-degree field of view. Data from each unit is then relayed to a command center and stored for future use and viewing. Each device may also be activated by a key fob in order to deter theft. Each unit is powered by solar cells and a rechargeable battery. The invention could also be used for home protection, a childs nursery, a master bedroom, rooftop deck, and more.

Caught U in Action offers a level of security that is leaps and bounds beyond what present technology offers! Want to learn more? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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