Individual marijuana cigarettes made from hemp.

  • Hemp Paper Cigarette Box
  • Pre-Rolled 100% Hemp Filter
  • Cannabis Buds
  • Easy to Manufacture
  • Ideal for Those Dealing with Cancer, Diseases, Seizures, Glaucoma, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Keiarra Turner and Maile Carey of Natchez, MS have developed individual marijuana cigarettes made from hemp. The invention will be ideal for those with cancer, diseases, seizures, Glaucoma, sleep disorders, anxiety, and more!

The idea was born after witnessing sick family members hooked up to machines and taking medications to help fight the pain of cancer and other illnesses. Inventor Turner watched them fighting in pain with nothing to soothe them but their own prayers. One day, a family friend asked her to smoke marijuana. Although she never had before, she did, and ended up having the best sleep of her life. Upon waking, she immediately started researching and came across articles of terminally ill patients who were brought back to life over the course of several months from a plant! Those with Parkinsons disease were able to relax. People with constant seizures were able to have a second chance at enjoying life. There were so many success stories. In turn, Inventors Turner and Carey were inspired to create an easier way to access medical cannabis.

The invention consists of a hemp paper cigarette box, pre-rolled 100% hemp filter, and cannabis buds. After purchasing a fresh pack, users will simply discard the plastic covering, open the lid, and indulge in a single pre-rolled refreshing Cannarette.

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