Cannabis Tincture

THC Tincture, CBD Tincture, and CBC Tincture

  • - 100% Full Organic Seed to Finish Product
  • - Created in Small Batches to Ensure Highest Quality
  • - For All Types of Diseases and Ailments in Adults, Children, and Most Animals
  • - Full Natural Flavor, No Additives
  • - Does Not Produce a High
  • - Also in Topical Salve Form


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Darrell William Fay of Canada has created a THC Tincture, CBD Tincture, and CBC Tincture that can be used for all types of diseases and ailments in adults, children, and most animals.

After being sick all the time with undiagnosed stomach issues that put him in the hospital once or twice a month for many years, Darrell found prescription pharmaceuticals were not working. He then started researching and making tinctures and salves for pain and anxiety relief. After some amazing results, he knew the benefits of the tincture would be numerous and range from reducing acne and healing wounds all the way to aiding with cancer treatment, osteoporosis and arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders.

This is an 100% full organic seed to finish product that has been handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Depending on the ailment, this product can be fully customized to meet personal needs. The same relief will also be felt when used in topical salve form. The salve may actually provide extra relief when used in combination with the tincture. The tincture has full natural flavor, no additives, and it will NOT get you high.

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