BNS Attachment

An innovative new way to remove concrete dust from recently bored holes.

  • Eliminates Silica Dust Exposure
  • Captures All Dust
  • Easy to Use
  • One Person Job
  • Helps Comply with OSHA Regulations


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and carpenter, Geoffrey Buchen of Lancaster, CA has developed an innovative new way to capture concrete dust from recently bored holes.

While on the job, Geoffrey and some co-workers were required to drill 1700+ holes, blow them out, and epoxy rebar into them. Throughout this process, however, they were inhaling a lot of concrete dust. This can be extremely dangerous, as silica dust exposure has been known to cause health issues like fever, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Geoffrey just knew there had to be a safer way. In turn, he created the BNS Attachment!

To avoid hazardous silica dust exposure, a user will simply place the attachment over the hole they are about to blow out to epoxy their rebar. They will then attach a shop vacuum to one end and an air compressor hose to the other. The air will clean out the hole, as the vacuum collects the silica dust without any exposure. Once its on the market, the invention will help comply with OSHA regulations for a safer worksite.

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