2 in 1 Quick Clean

An innovative new collapsible double-sided cleaning pad system for an RV or similar vehicle.

  • Quick Cleaning on Any Site
  • Used with Water or a Pre-Applied Solution
  • Soft Mop on One Side, Scrub Pad on the Other
  • Strong and Durable
  • Retracts for Easy Storage


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Todd Reefer and Oliver Benson have created an innovative new collapsible cleaning pad system for an RV or similar vehicle.

As RV and boating enthusiasts, Todd and Oliver don't always have enough time to clean their vehicles as well as needed before heading out for activities. Upon arriving at their destination, they realized they would have to do some cleaning and maintenance on site after three hours of travel. However, due to storage restrictions while traveling and the size and strength of the equipment needed, there was no device capable of this. In turn, they took matters into their own hands and developed 2 in 1 Quick Clean!

The invention features a durable extendable pole that is simply screwed into the universal joint of a double-sided cleaning pad. This lets users quickly wash away bugs and dirt from their RV or similar vehicle with water or a pre-applied cleaning solution. The pad features a soft mop on one side and a scrub pad on the other. The soft pad is gentle enough for gel coats or other exterior finishes, while the scrubbing side is strong enough to combat any dirt and grime. The pad effortlessly moves all around a vehicle, including its lights and handles, and then retracts for easy storage.

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