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Folding Chair with Independently Adjustable Legs

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The invention is a camp-style outdoor chair with an adjustable, lockable leg system which increases user safety. 


  • Ideal for All Outdoor Activities
  • Decreases Likelihood of Chair Tipping
  • Legs Lock & Adjust Independently
  • Common Folding Design
  • Spring Pin Systems



Objective: Looking for retail or wholesale companies to license/purchase direct
IP Status: Patent Pending
Inventory: N/A
Suggested Retail: N/A
Wholesale Price: N/A
Cost/Unit: N/A
Prototype Status: Virtual
History: Product is awaiting patent.



Inventor Michael Dean Sharp of Monroe, UT has developed a style of folding camp chair that allows the user to sit on almost any surface.
Folding camp style chairs are often seen being used at various outdoor locations, including campsites, parties, sporting events, or simply in the backyard. They are quick to set up and quick to put away, in addition to being easily transported and stored in a carrying bag. However, as with most chairs, it must be used on level ground to avoid rocking back and forth or being tipped over on an uneven surface. This is not only a safety issue, but it also makes sitting rather uncomfortable. Inventor Sharp has created a chair which has extendable legs to allow the chair to be balanced on unlevel ground.
This clever new invention decreases the likelihood of a chair tipping over due to its innovative leg style. The length of each leg adjusts independently and locks in place using a spring pin system. The invention is ideal for all outdoor activities and is easy to transport with its folding design and included storage bag. The use of the Folding Chair with Independently Adjustable Legs provides an easy means to keep folding camp chairs steady and secure no matter the grade or condition of the ground surface.