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Fence with Privacy Sliding Panels

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This invention is a style of fencing with additional vertical members that slide horizontally to allow for privacy or airflow/sunlight depending on their position.


  • Dual-Mode Fence Provides Versatility
  • Easily Slides Into Position
  • Locks Safely Into Place
  • Slats Move on Track System
  • Perfect for Yards, Pools & Decks



Objective: Looking for retail or wholesale companies to license/purchase direct
IP Status: Utility Patent Pending
Inventory: N/A
Suggested Retail: N/A
Wholesale Price: N/A
Cost/Unit: N/A
Prototype Status: Virtual
History: Product is awaiting patent.



Inventors Anthony E. Zawodniak, Mark R. Hudson, and James M. McHugh, Sr. of Pittsburgh, PA have developed a style of fencing with additional slats that slide horizontally to provide the option of having privacy or open airflow. 

Fences are a common sight in yards all across America.  Not only do they provide peace of mind with security and safety, but the privacy afforded by a fence is also important, especially when the backyard contains a swimming pool or during parties or similar occasions.  However, the vision blocking features of a privacy fence have a tendency to restrict airflow.  An enjoyable cool or warm breeze is often blocked and can create an uncomfortable environment inside the fence.  Inventors Zawodniak, Hudson, and McHugh have created a privacy fence that can be adjusted to provide privacy as needed, yet can also allow for airflow when desired. 

This clever new invention features vertical slats which move side to side on a track system to allow the user to choose between having the gaps between the slats open or closed.  The bottom track has drain holes to allow any trapped water to easily run out and the slats can be securely locked in place.  It is perfect for yards, pools, and decks of all sizes.  No matter what position is selected, the invention provides security for children and animals, which, of course, is of utmost importance.  The use of the Fence with Privacy Sliding Panels effectively and easily provides the privacy benefit of a fence without restricting airflow to the fenced area.